Axiom-1 Mission to ISS

Today at 11:17 am Eastern, SpaceX is scheduled to launch the Axiom-1 Mission to the International Space Station! It’s the first fully private flight to ISS, and a step towards the goal Axiom has of putting up its own space station. Launching Crew Dragon Endevour, is a booster that has previously supported 4 missions (GPS III Space Vehicle 04, GPS III Space Vehicle 05, Inspiration4, and one Starlink mission). Endeavor has also flown two other times, Demo-2 and Crew-2

Axiom has a vision of a thriving home in space, that will bring about breakthroughs and perspectives that will benefit everyone, governments, innovators, and even individuals with universal access to low earth orbit.

They’re working on building the world’s first commercial space station, set to launch its first module to ISS no earlier than 2024. They’ll add a few modules to ISS, and eventually will disconnect and become their own standalone space station.

Axiom Station once operational will enable research and development in many markets including bioprinting, alloy, and super alloy programs, medical research, and much more!

Follow today’s launch on the Axiom Twitter page or by watching at:


For more information about Axiom Space and to keep up with their progress visit their website!