A New way of Bringing the Sky to you!

Celestron Nexstar 4SE
Celestron Nexstar 4SE with Canon EOS M50 attached (Amazon Affiliate Link)

I was finally able to purchase a computerized telescope. Due to things going on in the world the last year or so it’s been tough to find certain products. Most of the vendors I kept checking said they had extended backorders, as far out as two or three months!

The weather here currently isn’t cooperative for checking out the night sky, but as soon as it starts clearing up, you can be sure I’ll have some images or videos to share.

Once I have a little time to test it out, I plan on doing some live streams, certainly of the moon, but also the planets, specifically Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

As I get more comfortable with the new telescope and various software programs I may try live streaming while trying deep space imaging. Once the weather is more consistently clear I may set up a schedule for live streaming.

I’ll work on documenting my learning process, with the new telescope. I figure if you would like to get into astronomy too, you may be able to learn something from my journey. Both what to do and what not to do! HA.

Celestron Nexstar 4SE Box
Celestron Nexstar 4SE Box

Clear Skies!